Lucky Charm JR - Blem

Lucky Charm JR

$ 6,200.00 USD
$ 7,200.00 USD

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Product information

Lucky Charm JR

4.6" bull barrel, steel grip, 9mm, hard chrome/DLC. OPTIC IS NOT INCLUDED . This is a rare opportunity to get the functional excellence of a Rafferty pistol at a discounted price. Sometimes employees (in a one person business) screw up. Take advantage of my clumsiness during re assembly. This pistol has a couple scratches on the frame and a the chrome on the ejector is a little wonky. Rather than spend time re-finishing, I will just discount it for someone that is going to beat it up anyway. Images of blem issues are shown. $1000 off normal price.  NO OPTIC INCLUDED IN PRICE, comes with optic plate of choice.