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Martinsville, Indiana

1911 and 2011 style custom creations

Why Rafferty?

I put all of my heart into every pistol I touch.  Attention to the smallest of details is something that is missing from the competition and defensive pistol industry in general.  I want you to understand what that is and to experience it with my pistols. The long hours of fitment, hand beveling, attention to detail and hand prep for finish, will be apparent the moment you open the case of the first pistol you purchase from me.  I will not allow anyone else to play a part in my build process as it is paramount to the flawless fit and finish of the final product.  From the time the parts arrive in my shop to the time your pistol is final test fired and cleaned for shipment, it is painstakingly crafted by me and only me.  I take pride in making sure that every pistol that bears my name, is as good or better than the last pistol that left my shop.    

quality craftsmanship

Hand fit, Hand finished, One at a time creations

custom Designs

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Past creations from the Rafferty shop

What my Clients say

Hear it from the people that use Rafferty pistols

“Craftsmanship is top tier”

"This is the best open gun I've ever owned. The craftsmanship is top tier, amazing trigger, and just runs. Pat makes nothing but shooters. His attention to detail and communication throughout the whole process of building a race gun should be the standard.  If you want a trouble free gun with continued support and input you should choose Rafferty."

John Munro
Gallatin, TN

“attention to detail”

"Pat's cratsmanship and attention to detal is second to none in my opinion. His communication throughout the process was great and his customer service after the fact has been very good as well. But, it's the attention to detail he puts into his builds that is unbelievable."

Tim Austin
Sandy, Oregon

“Details Make the Difference”

"Details make the difference. Not just attention to the building details, but attention to the process. Attention to what makes the grade and meets expectation. I've had five gorgeous pistols built by Pat Rafferty, and I can't wait for the next one. They perform even better than they look. I took my pair of RCG open guns to the 2022 World Shoot in Pattaya,Thailand and all I worried about was the match, not my guns."

John Vlieger
Stamping Ground, KY

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