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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Can I legally ship my pistol to you?

Yes. The law allows you to ship your pistol directly to me for work. Additionally, since you own the pistol, I am able to ship directly back to you.

What is the best shipping service for my pistol?

I prefer UPS insured 2 day air. USPS is acceptable as well, but I have found that tracking and reliability is better with UPS.

How often should I change my springs?

Recoil springs should last 5-10k rounds depending on application. Open guns need more attention due to the high pressures and slide velocities associated with 9mm major ammo so should be changed on the low end of that scale. However, pistols shooting factory and minor power ammo can last much longer. Mainsprings (hammer springs) can last as much as 20-30k rounds. However, it is good practice and cheap insurance to change them at every other recoil spring change.

do you work on other manufacturers firearms?

Given the dedication to my own builds and the customer service that I provide, I just don't have the time to take on work for pistols manufactured by other companies. You are best served by letting those manufacturers service your pistol.