My Story

Since a young age, I have always been fascinated with everything mechanical especially firearms.  I always had the thought of “I wonder how that works”.  I can remember the special times of getting my grandfather to show us the gun cabinet.  I was always impressed with the feel and sounds of how smooth and slick the actions were on those turn of the century lever action and pump rifles. That carried on into adulthood as I owned and modified/tinkered with all things firearms.  
When I started competition shooting with USPSA, I dove into open division almost immediately.  I started with a used pistol of unknown history.  Anyone who has started out shooting an open pistol knows, I had a lot of frustrations with the platform.  I learned a lot about the 2011 style pistol through that journey. I seemed to be always learning something new.  
Over the next year or so, I had a couple pistols built and still seemed to be working on my pistols to get them functioning consistently.  I thought to myself, I will build my own pistol this time.  So, I jumped into the wonderful world of custom pistol building.  I made a lot of mistakes early in this journey and fought a lot of frustration. The need for improving and striving for perfection always kept me learning and trying new things with fitment, processes, and theory.  
Today, I have continued to improve my processes and quality checks to the point of being the best pistol smith I can be.  I am constantly finding new pieces of the pistol to focus on improving from a fit and function standpoint.  I refuse to stop growing my skills in finish and fitting.  When you pick up one of my pistols and cycle the action for the first time, I want you to have the same feeling I felt as a young child when I cycled the action of those old lever action rifles.  A wide-eyed grin should be the result.  I continue to build pistols with the ultimate goal of ensuring your experience with this platform is a positive one.


Years of experience

My journey has become a constant learning and improvement cycle


USPSA, IPSC and Steel Challenge Victories

Rafferty pistols have competed all over the US, Europe and Asia


Customer satisfaction

Your experience in buying a Rafferty pistol will be like no other. Continued support is something I pride my self on.

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My passion is for the smallest of details and flawless fit, function and finish ensures you get more than you expect. I want you to be impressed the moment you open the case for the first time. The inside of the gun gets as much or more attention than the visible portions. I want you to be as impressed when you strip the pistol as you are when you are shooting it.

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